In plus sizing, a larger wheel is used with a lower aspect ratio tire. Minus sizing, however, uses smaller wheels with taller tires.

Tyre size designations can be found on the tyre's sidewall and usually look similar to these:

European Metric Tyre Size Designation

(Valid in Europe, standard ETRTO – European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation)

European Metric Tyre Size Designation

Summer Tyres

UHP - Ultra High Performance Tyres

These tyres are designed for drivers who prefer fast, sporty ride, and for whom high performance and lots of grip are far more important than tyres' longevity.

UHP Tyre

UHP tyres are made of a softer compound which allows for more grip and aggressive but safe cornering. On the other hand, they wear faster. The tread is designed to sacrifice the grip on wet in order to achieve the best possible grip on dry.

Symmetric Tread Pattern

A symmetric tread pattern has continuous ribs across the entire tread surface. Both inboard and outboard halves have the same pattern.

Asymmetric Tread Pattern

Tyres that have asymmetric tread pattern are those which have different inboard and outboard tread pattern.

Tyre - Asymmetrical pattern