This calculator gives you the answer to the question "What rims fit my car?"

Wheel/Rim Size Calculator shows the acceptable wheel/rim width range for any given tyre size in accordance with the ETRTO standards and databooks of the leading tyre manufacturers.

Each tyre manufacturer has a specific rim width range on which the specific tyre size can be mounted. This calculator should help you to find the appropriate rim width for your tyres. Failure to follow rim width recommendations may result in poor tyre performance or possible wheel and/or tyre failure.

Choosing a wheel near the middle of the acceptable wheel width range will give the balance between ride quality and handling. A wider wheel will improve car handling at the expense of ride quality, while a narrower wheel will improve ride quality at the expense of handling. Consider these compromises when selecting wheels.

Into the form below, select the tyre size and click on the button "Find Rim Size". The table containing the recommended wheel/rim sizes and rim widths, for the selected tyre size, will be presented below the calculator.

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Wheel/Rim Size Calculator

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This calculator and its results should be used only as a reference. The results should be verified with tyre/wheel manufacturers or specialists. The is not responsible for any errors that may arise with its usage.

This calculator is only for the passenger car metric tyres and it's complemented by the Rim Width Range and Measuring rim width for Tire Size chart.

Tyre to rim fitment

A tyre gets its real size(i.e., dimensions) only when fitted to a rim. The nominal tyre size is imprinted on the tyre sidewall, but the tyre gets its real dimensions (i.e., real tyre size), adequate to the nominal size, only when mounted on the Measuring rim. That's why the measuring rim exists for (almost) every tyre size.

The tyre width changes for about 5mm (2/10") for every 0.5" (inches) change in the rim width, in the recommended rim width range.

This calculator shows the recommended (i.e., acceptable) rim width range for the selected tyre size. Every rim width from the acceptable range should be suitable for the tyre size you enter in the calculator.

The relation(i.e., ratio) between rim and tyre width is determined by respectable tyre associations. It's dependent on a tyre series(i.e., profile or aspect ratio) and it's used for determining the measuring rim for the tyre. Read more in Tire width for a wheel/rim size chart.

When you find the tyre and rim combination that suits your requirements best, compare the selected tire size with your OE Tyre size to ensure that the selected tyre diameter do not deviate too much from the OE Tyre diameter. This is important for many reasons.

This calculator complements our Tyre Size for Rim Size/Width Calculator and Tyre width for a rim width chart.

Try the Wheel Offset/Backspace Calculator which calculates the offset and the backspace, the important measurements for positioning the wheel/tyre assembly inside the wheel well. This calculator also gives the option to compare wheels, to compare the offset and the backspace of one or more additional wheels to the original wheel.

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