Tyre size for rim size/width calculator tells you what tyre sizes to go for, for the size of your rim. For eg., it gives an answer to the question: "I'm going for 6.5 x 15j rims. What's the best tyre size?"

It shows tyre width range for the selected rim(specifically, rim width), minimum and maximum tyre widths.

Select your rim size and click on the button "Find Tyre Size". The calculator will then tell you what tyre sizes(i.e., combinations of tyre width and aspect ratio) to go for, for the size of your rim(specifically, rim width).

Rim Dimensions

TyreSize4RimSize Calculator

select rim size

e.g. 6.5" x 15"


The calculator results should be verified with the tyre manufacturer or the tyre specialist. This is for reference purpose only.

When you find the tyre sizes(i.e., tyre width and series combinations) that fit your rims use our Tire Size Calculator – Tire Dimensions, to compare them with your OE Tyre size to ensure that the selected tyres circumferences or diameters doesn't deviate too much from the OE Tyre circumference or diameter. This is important for many reasons.

This calculator complements our Tyre width for a rim width chart and should be used along with our Rim width for tyre width calculator, which complements prior mentioned calc and chart(tyre4rim). After you choose a tyre size here, do one more check in the Rim width for tyre width calculator, for the selected tyre size, to double check if the selected tyre size has your existing rim in the Recommended rim width range. It’s very important.

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