Tire load rating/index calculator shows the maximum permitted load(in kg or lb) the tire can carry, specified by its load index.

The tire load index of a passenger tire is a numeric code that corresponds to the maximum weight(in kg or lb) that the tire can sustain when inflated at its maximum permitted air pressure(cold), under certain service conditions specified by the tire manufacturer.

Maximum permitted tire pressure and consequently maximum permitted tire load SHOULD NOT BE CONFUSED with a Recommended tire pressure, advised by the vehicle manufacturer.

To find out what is the maximum weight your tire can sustain, in the calculator below, select the number - numeric code that represents the tire load index and click on the "Show the Load" button. You'll see the maximum weight the tire can cary, presented in Kilograms(kg) and Pounds(lb).

E.g., the tire designation: 215/55 R 17 98 W – 98 is the load index. The tire sustains max. 750 kg/1653 lb.


Below the calculator, you can read more about tire load index/rating.

Tire Load Rating

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Please note that the calculator presented on this page should be used only as a reference and its results should be verified with the vehicle or tire manufacturers. The tyresizecalculator.com is not responsible for any miscalculations of this calculator or any errors, effects or side effects that may be caused by its results.

IMPORTANT! The max. permitted tire pressure and consequently max. permitted tire load SHOULD NOT BE CONFUSED with the Recommended tire pressure by the vehicle manufacturer. The recommended tire pressure is in concordance with recommended vehicle load ratings, which all are displayed at the Vehicle's tire information placard and should be obeyed by the vehicle owner! To conclude, obey the Vehicle's placard!

The tire load index is a part of the tire "service description", imprinted on the tire sidewall, together with a speed symbol(see image above). The service description is an addition to the tire size designation. Increased tire load index means a greater tire load capacity for the same tire size and construction.

This calculator complements our website's page Tire load index chart where You'll find additional info about the tire load index.

The light truck tire load index has some specificity compared to the passenger car tire load index.

if the tyre is reinforced(it has the mark "REINFORCED" or "EXTRA LOAD"(XL)) it's designed for heavier loads compared to a standard tyre of the same size.

The maximum inflation pressure indicated on the sidewall of the tire(e.g., "MAX LOAD SINGLE 1380 kg (3042 lbs) AT 550 kPa (80 psi) MAX PRESSURE COLD") may NOT be the recommended cold inflation pressure for your vehicle, which can be found on the vehicle's T.I.P. - Tire information placard.

Always keep the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended inflation pressure in all your tires.

While all ETRTO(EU) tires of the same load index will have the same maximum load, P-Metric tires (U.S.) with the same load index may have different load capacities depending on the tire size. The TRA(U.S.) Inflation Tables must always be consulted when comparing the load capacity of P-Metric tires; the Load Index alone is not sufficient.

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