Prototype of the Michelin airless tire - Uptis was unveiled In Europe this year on the Mini Electric car. The Uptis is expected to be launched in the US on the General Motors Chevy Bolt EV vehicle by 2024.

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Large, powerful electric or hybrid cars and SUVs are much heavier than conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE), so they need tires with higher load capacity than current Extra Load (XL) tires, at the same inflation pressure.

Batteries add more load to the tires of electric cars. High load tires for these types of vehicles are recognized by prefix "HL" (High Load) before tire size designation on the sidewall. Tires with a higher load index are the solution for hevy electric cars.

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Drivers often ask the question: What tire pressure is best for my car? Where can I find information about the correct pressure?

The performance of a tire, such as load capacity, durability, grip and handling, depends on the properly inflated tires. Since overinflation or underinflation affects your safety, maintaining the right pressure is critical for tire performance and tire life.

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Here we want to emphasize important facts, regarding performance and safety, when you do a tire replacement.

IMPORTANT! When doing the tire replacement, first information sources you should refer to are the vehicle tire placard and vehicle owner’s manual. These sources contain information such as Original Equipment(OE) tire size designations, together with recommended tire inflation pressures. The vehicle tire placard is usually placed inside a glove box, on a door edge or a door post.

Tire to rim fitment guide

It's not easy to find on the internet tables of correct tyre air pressures for various car models.

German tyre manufacturer Continental realized that drivers are looking for these information and it regularly publishes a brochure with correct tyre air pressures for over 700 vehicle models from 42 manufacturers.