Learn to pick and care for tires, how to manage tire pressure, understand TPMS and stay informed with tyre news.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is an electronic, safety system in a vehicle that watches pressure in the vehicle's tires and alerts the driver when it's critically low. The alert can take the form of a warning indicator light on a vehicle's dashboard, an audible alarm, or both.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

There are many factors that impact fuel economy (distance traveled per unit of fuel; miles per gallon - mpg), besides tires. One of the most important factors is a driver's behavior. Drivers that accelerate and brake aggressively or are frequently in the "stop & go" city traffic routine, will use up a lot more fuel than drivers that accelerate and brake gently and driving mainly in non-urban conditions. It's said that good driving habits can improve the fuel efficiency and could save you as much as 10% in fuel costs.

When comes to a tire fuel efficiency we must talk about the tire rolling resistance first and hence the tire fuel efficiency rating.

tire fuel efficiency rating

A greater number for "fuel efficiency" means that a tire is more fuel efficient.

Prototype of the Michelin airless tire - Uptis was unveiled In Europe this year on the Mini Electric car. The Uptis is expected to be launched in the US on the General Motors Chevy Bolt EV vehicle by 2024.

airless tire

Large, powerful electric or hybrid cars and SUVs are much heavier than conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE), so they need tires with higher load capacity than current Extra Load (XL) tires, at the same inflation pressure.

Batteries add more load to the tires of electric cars. High load tires for these types of vehicles are recognized by prefix "HL" (High Load) before tire size designation on the sidewall. Tires with a higher load index are the solution for hevy electric cars.

electric car charging station

Drivers often ask the question: What tire pressure is best for my car? Where can I find information about the correct pressure?

The performance of a tire, such as load capacity, durability, grip and handling, depends on the properly inflated tires. Since overinflation or underinflation affects your safety, maintaining the right pressure is critical for tire performance and tire life.

tire pressure impact on tire tread wear