Tire speed rating calculator shows a tire speed rating, i.e., the maximum allowed tire speed(in kmph or mph), specified by its speed symbol.

The tire speed symbol of a passenger tire indicates the maximum permitted speed(in kmph or mph) the tire can sustain when properly inflated, under certain service conditions specified by the tire manufacturer.

The tire speed rating does not mean that a vehicle can be safely driven at the maximum speed. Actual vehicle's speed must be lower than the maximum speed for which the tire is rated.

To find out what is the maximum speed capability of your tire, in the calculator below, select the tire speed symbol and click on the "Show the Speed" button. You'll see the tire's maximum allowed speed, presented in kilometers per hour(kmph) and miles per hour(mph).

E.g., the tire designation: 215/55 R 17 98 W – W is the speed symbol. The tire sustains max. speed 270 kmph/168 mph.


Below the calculator, you can read more about tire speed rating.

Tire Speed Rating

select tire speed symbol
tire maximum speed allowed

NOTE: When the word "ABOVE" is being shown, it designates tires with a speed capabilty above the speed displayed in the calculator result. Learn about speed symbol "Z" and "(Y)".

Please note that the calculator presented on this page should be used only as a reference and its results should be verified with the vehicle or tire manufacturers. The tyresizecalculator.com is not responsible for any miscalculations of this calculator or any errors, effects or side effects that may be caused by its results.

IMPORTANT! A tire speed rating is not a recommendation to exceed the legal speed limits, and does not indicate how well the tire performs on the road.

The tire speed symbol is a part of the tire "service description", marked on the tire sidewall, together with a tire load index(see image above). The service description is an addition to the tire size designation, however, the speed symbol, letter "Z", can be a part of the tire size designation, for e.g., 275/40ZR17 93(Y), to mark the tire having a maximum speed capability above 300 km/h(186 mph). Tire speed ratings generally correspond to speed symbols that are sorted in ascending alphabetic order, i.e., a letter/symbol that comes later in the order indicates a greater speed rating then the previous one.

This calculator complements our website's page Tire speed rating chart where You'll find additional info about the tire speed rating and tire speed symbol.

You should always choose a replacement tire with an equal or greater speed rating than the original equipment(OE) tire.

If you have tires with different speed ratings installed on the vehicle, the tires with the same speed symbol should be installed on the same axle. The speed capability of the vehicle will become limited to that of the lowest speed rated tire.

Obey speed limits!

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