Before we begin to discuss about the tire sidewall informations it's important to know standard which was used for designation.

light truck tire size designation and service description

1 - MAX. LOAD SINGLE 1549 kg (3415 lbs) AT 550kPa (80 psi) MAX. PRESS. COLD

2 - MAX. LOAD DUAL 1399 kg (3085 lbs) AT 550kPa (80 psi) MAX. PRESS. COLD

What is a light truck?

A light truck is a United States federal classification for trucks or truck-based vehicles with a payload capacity of under 4,000 pounds (1,815 kg). Light truck class includes:

  • Vans - most mini vans and full sized vans.
  • SUV's – Mini SUV's, Compact SUV's, Mid size SUV's, Full size SUV's, Extended length SUV's.
  • Light duty pickup trucks.

In other countries words usage and meanings are quite different.

Mini van


Two types of the tyre size designation can be found on a tyre sidewall, a tyre width expressed in mm and the tyre width expressed in inches.

1. The tyre width expressed in mm

All tyres for the commercial vehicles must be marked with a Service Description located after the size designation (European regulation ECE-R54). The service description consists of load index and speed rating (e.g. 156/150 L).

Listed below are a few examples of the truck/bus tyre size designations.

Here is an example of the tyre size designation for commonly used truck tyre:

Truck tire size designation

Tyre size designation can be found on the tyre's sidewall with information about tyre:

  • Tyre width in inches or mm
  • Aspect ratio – ratio of height to width
  • Construction type
  • Speed index - Maximum allowed speed
  • Rim diameter
  • Load index - Maximum load capacity

1. Radial motorcycle tyres - designation in mm

Metric tyre size designation is the most common designation system. For example:

Motorcycle tyre size designations

There are three main tyre contructions:

  • Bias ply (cross ply or diagonal ply)
  • Bias belted
  • Radial
Motorcycle tyre constructions