Drivers often ask the question: What tire pressure is best for my car? Where can I find information about the correct pressure?

The performance of a tire, such as load capacity, durability, grip and handling, depends on the properly inflated tires. Since overinflation or underinflation affects your safety, maintaining the right pressure is critical for tire performance and tire life.

tire pressure impact on tire tread wear

Where is the data about the proper air pressure?

1. Owner's manual

The best tire pressure is the one that the car manufacturer says is the best. There is no better recommendation than the one the manufacturer recommended in the owner's manual that comes with the new car. Car manufacturers in their manuals give detailed air pressure instructions for each driving situation. The pressure depends on the load, the number of passengers with or without luggage and the speed when driving on side roads or highways.

As we have already said, the most accurate tire data can be found in the owner's manual, but if you don't have the manual, you can search them online as in the example below:

2. Tire sidewall

Information about a tire max load and maximum air pressure can be seen on the tire sidewall:

tire maximum pressure and load

The maximum load of this tire is 635kg (1400lbs) – the maximum that the tire can withstand at a pressure of 300 Kpa (44 psi). This is the maximum pressure, but not the optimum. The optimal pressure is agreed between the tire manufacturer and the vehicle manufacturer and can be found in the user's manual or on the vehicle itself.

3. On the vehicle itself

Manufacturer's recommended air pressure is usually located inside of the driver's door. The label with information about the recommended pressure is located in various places, so you will find them in one of these places:

  • On the inside of the fuel tank door;
  • Under the hood;
  • On the fuse box;
  • Inside of the glove compartment, etc.
Sticker with tyre pressure information

The label contains the following information:

  • Recommended tire size;
  • Recommended cold tire pressure;
  • Maximum load that the tire can withstand;
  • Dimensions and pressure for the spare tire.

The Vehicle's tire information placard

vehicle's tire pressure and loading information placard

There may be two recommendations for air pressure:

  • For "normal" driving conditions and
  • For a loaded vehicle (with passengers or cargo)

4. Tire manufacturer's recommended tire pressure charts

Manufacturer's recommended tire pressure charts are not easy to find online. Continental's Bereifungen und Luftdruck 2020 Pkw / SUV / 4x4 is the only one we were able to find.

Continental's tires and air pressure.

Continental tires and air pressure table

5. Tire manufacturer's websites

For example, the Michelin website is the safe, authentic source.

Michelin tyre air pressure for passanger cars

6. Tire repair shops

If you trust your tire repairman, you can rely on his knowledge. The tire repairmen usually gets tire pressure charts from tire manufacturers and if you pay attention, you'll see them on the walls of tire repair shops. This is a sure sign that the tire will be inflated to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer.

Sometimes the tire pressure charts can be seen in gas stations or car mechanic shops.

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