Before we begin to discuss about the tire sidewall informations it's important to know standard which was used for designation.

light truck tire size designation and service description

1 - MAX. LOAD SINGLE 1549 kg (3415 lbs) AT 550kPa (80 psi) MAX. PRESS. COLD

2 - MAX. LOAD DUAL 1399 kg (3085 lbs) AT 550kPa (80 psi) MAX. PRESS. COLD

The European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization (ETRTO) and the Tire and Rim Association (TRA) are leading world standard organizations. When you meet with unknown tire code you must recognize a standard that was used because the same size designation doesn’t always mean that tires are the same. For example, tires P235/75 R15 (TRA) and 235/75 R15 (ETRTO) are similar but not the same since they are not fully interchangeable, their load carrying capacities are different.

When you see the letters LT (Light Truck) in tire designation it implies that TRA standard is applied. On the contrary, European tire sizes do not use the P, T or LT symbols.

Tire contains very useful informations molded onto its sidewall. Size designation and service description are two parts of basic tire designation.

Size designation: LT265/75R16

Light truck tire.
Nominal section width in mm.
Aspect Ratio = Section height/Section width = 75%.
Radial construction.
Rim diameter in inches.

Service description: 123/120 R

Load index – single wheel fitment.
Load index – dual wheel fitment.
Speed rating/symbol.

Load range E

Load range E – Load range signifies the tire's load and inflation limits.

If the tire is labeled as LT265/75R16 114T the service description is 114T only.

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