Upgrade your ride with perfect tire and rim fitment, use our tire and wheel calculators to compute tire specs, answer tire and rim fitment questions, and predict speedometer deviations resulting from changes in tire size.

Wheel Offset/Backspace Calculator will help you to find the wheel offset and the backspace.

The wheel offset and backspace are important measurements for positioning the wheel/tyre assembly inside the wheel well. It will help you to determine which wheels are adequate for your car. This calculator also gives the option to compare wheels, to compare the offset and the backspace of one or more additional wheels to the base wheel.

Tyre size for rim size/width calculator tells you what tyre sizes to go for, for the size of your rim. For e.g., it gives an answer to the question: "I'm going for 6.5 x 15j rims. What's the best tyre size?"

The calculator can only show a possible tyre width range for the selected rim, specifically, rim width. It also shows minimum and maximum tyre widths. In the tyre range, next to each tyre width, there is another tyre dimension: a tyre series(i.e., tyre profile or aspect ratio). Both dimensions are important when the tyre is going to be fitted to the rim. The tyre series affects relation between the tyre width and the rim width. Read more in Tyre width for a rim size width chart and What is a tyre measuring rim.

The resulting tyre list lacks certain tire sizes, so it should not be considered complete. The calculator is only for the passenger car metric tyres. Tires in the list should not be all considered suitable for your car, because only a few of them or maybe, only one would satisfy a requirement that their overall diameter should be the same as your OE (original equipment) tire diameter.

So, when you find the tyre sizes, i.e., tyre width and series combinations that fit your rims use our Tire Size Calculator – Tire Dimensions, to compare them with your OE Tyre size to ensure that the selected tyres circumferences or diameters do not deviate too much from the OE Tyre circumference or diameter. This is extremely important for many reasons.

Notes: A Tire with higher profile(series) for the same tire width or the same profile for a wider tire width, has a higher tire sidewall, that means more comfortable ride. Wider tires create more traction on the road, resulting in reducing fuel economy.

Select your rim size and click on the button "Find Tyre Size". The calculator will then tell you what tyre sizes, that is, combinations of tyre width and aspect ratio you could choose for your rim.

Can I mount a smaller tire width than the one presented in the chart as the smallest, for the specific rim width?

The Tire Size Converter performs tire size conversion from the inch tire size (English/Standard/Imperial measuring system) to the metric tire size and the other way around.

Besides the exact tire size conversion from one system of measurement to another, calculator displays adequate actual/real tires with the dimensions which are closest to the calculated tire size, if such exist. The Converter also shows, for the real tire, its dimensions: tire diameter, tire width, sidewall height and the difference between that tire and the original tire.